The World Lost an Incredible Young Man….


I’m so sorry to say that I received a call last night telling me that Dessie had passed away.  His 24 years on earth ended with him being called home by the Lord.  While I feel that his time with us was too short, I guess God has bigger and better plans for him.  He needed him in heaven to help with HIS will.  Dessie was an inspiration to me.  I will NEVER forget him.  I am a better person because of him.  

I will share more later, but for now that’s all I have.  The funeral is tomorrow and I am thankful that Brook Alador and Marleen Visser will be there to honor him.  

I love you Dessie!  Peace be with your family and friends.  You had MANY!

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An update of Dessie’s story…..

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone.  Dessie just returned to Ethiopia where he will receive additional chemo treatments.  He was able to purchase the medication (they don’t have it in Ethiopia) and bring it from Bangkok to Ethiopia.  The doctors will be able to administer the next rounds of chemo for him.

I know that Marleen had a successful fundraiser with helicopter rides.  I believe the total was $3,500 USD, but I’m not completely certain of that.

Today I wired $1,000 to help pay for the living expenses and doctor’s fees.  This was money that was raised in 2 special events.  My daughter, Jordan, baked cupcakes – 200 in all.  I “sold” them at my Poulsbo North Kitsap Rotary club meeting a week ago and yesterday did the same at New Life church on Bainbridge Island.  What an amazing group of Rotarians AND New Life members!  I can’t say thank you enough.  Thank you Jordan too!!  The cupcakes were beautiful AND delicious.  Image

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Very happy and healthy!

Very happy and healthy!

This photo was taken just a day ago when Dessie returned from Bangkok back to Addis, Ethiopia.
Thank you Brook for picking him up from the airport and for taking care of him.

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Dessie in Bangkok, Thailand

Dessie in Bangkok, Thailand

Here is Dessie receiving treatment a few weeks ago!

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Praise God

I just got a text message from Marleen and she tells me that just a few hours ago they received AMAZING news.  Dessie’s test results came back.  He is in total remission.  I don’t know any more – but I HAD to share.  Many decisions still need to be made.  The doctors are recommending additional treatments as “insurance”.  I had to let everyone know.  Please spread the word.  God has answered our prayers.  Continue to pray please.  I will update you as soon as I know more. 

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Here are Dessie and I inside his home in Gondar, Ethiopia –

before we knew he was sick.

Africa 2012 095

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Click on the link below to donate now!

http://Donate Button with Credit Cards

A way for you to contribute!  Thank you for your support.  Dessie and all who know and love him appreciate any gift you can share.  It will go to pay for his medical and travel expenses.  Thank you VERY much!


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